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1. Used To Be You (Bataillon)

2. Ain’t Doin’ Him Right (Bataillon/Greenfield)

3. Over Again (Bataillon)

4. Southbound (Greenfield)

5. She’s All Mine (Bataillon/Greenfield)

6. Way Out West (Greenfield)

7. Good Times (Greenfield)

8. Pull Me Through (Bataillon/Greenfield)

9. Friend Zone (Greenfield)




‘Mama Made Me Do It’      2016

Jim Greenfield

16 tracks. Featuring songs from the early American jazz era, 1910-1935

1. After You’ve Gone (Layton/Creamer)

2. Do You Know What it Means to Miss New Orleans? (DeLange/Alter)

3 Desifinado (Antonio Carlos Jobim)

4. Sweet Mama Hurry Home or I’ll Be Gone (Jimmy Rodgers)

5. I’ve Got You Under My Skin (Cole Porter)

6. Now That Your Dollar Bills Have Sprouted Wings (Beck Hansen)

7. Nancy (With the Laughing Face) (Van Heusen/Silvers)

8. Night and Day (Cole Porter)

9. Main Street Breakdown (Chet Atkins)

10. There’ll Be Some Changes Made (Overstreet/Blackstone)

11. The Days of Wine and Roses (Mancini/Mercer)

12. Shine on Harvest Moon (Bayes/Norworth)

13. Anything Goes (Cole Porter)

14. My Walking Stick (Irving Berlin)

15. Two Sleepy People (Carmichael/Loesser)

16. Marie (Irving Berlin)




‘Solo Masterpieces’    2010

Jim Greenfield

19 tracks. Contains many of my favorite solo classical guitar pieces. Bach, Scarlatti, Barrios, and more.



1. Courante (J.S. Bach, 3rd Cello Suite)

2.Vals Venezolano #3 (Antonio Lauro)

3.Allemande (J.S. Bach, 1st Lute Suite)

4.Gavota al Estilo Antiguo (Manuel Barrios)

5.Danza Guarani (Manuel Barrios)

6.Serabande (S.L. Weiss)

7.Bouree (S.L. Weiss)

8.Gigue (S.L. Weiss)

9.Air (Francois Campion)

10.Sonata in E Minor (D. Scarlatti)

11.Allemande (J.S. Bach, 3rd Cello Suite)

12.Allegro (Bach, Prelude, Fugue and Allegro)

13.Phantasia in F (David Kellner)

14. Air on the G String (J.S. Bach)

15. Queen Elizabeth’s Galliard (John Dowland)

16. Sarabande (J.S. Bach)

17. Allegro (D. Scarlatti)

18. Gavotte Rondeau (Two Guitars)  (Robert De Visee)

19. Afro-Cuban Lullaby (Traditional)


“Bedtime Ballads”     2008




Catherine Satterlee, Vocal

Jim Greenfield, Guitar


“On the Inside” (2009)

Nancy Eddy

Jim Greenfield-Guitars


Co-writer and Arranger
More of Nancy’s music, and her band, The Pushovers:


“We’re Not Kidding”  2009
Barry Louis Polisar Tribute Album
“A Clock Without a C”
Catherine Satterlee, Vocal
Recording and Mix, all instruments-Jim Greenfield



“Adventures With the Shady Characters”    2004
An educational software program for children
Theme song composer, vocal,  guitar, bass guitar-Jim Greenfield




“My Father’s Son” 2002 Paul Jamieson
   Guitars-Jim Greenfield