Send Me Your Tabs To Fix!

Confused by wrong tabs, multiple tabs of the same song that look completely different or don’t sound right? I feel your pain. I have had to largely depend on my own ear for as long as I’ve been playing. Internet tabs are just modern versions of what used to  be exclusively in songbooks. They were wrong then too!

I want to help wherever I can. Send your tabs to me to fix! Just submit the form on the contact page as if you were inquiring about lessons.  Name the piece or song and add a link the the tab or a PDF file etc. Make sure to include your return email address. I won’t write a new transcription, but I will tell you where the mistakes are! Whether it’s the wrong key, wrong chords, wrong notes in notation or tab, or anything else. Please allow several days depending on the music.  Free of course–who am I to collect fees for correcting tabs of artists?