New Content Added on June 10, 2017!

June 10, 2017

New content added!

Hello there! I am pleased to finally add some new content this year. Some of it is additions to older stuff, but much of it is new also.

In the ‘media’ header the drop down menu of ‘recordings’ and ‘video’ contain the the following new posts:

New recordings at

  • All 19 tracks from my solo classical recording ‘Solo Masterpieces'(2010)
  • All 16 tracks from my early jazz tribute recording ‘Mama Made Me Do It’ (2016)
  • Brand New! 8 song demo from ‘The Joes’ (Jim Greenfield & Jared Bataillon) (2017)


New performance videos at

  • 10 new student performance videos
  • 5 new Jim Greenfield performance videos