Jim Greenfield has been a professional guitarist and teacher in the Washington, D.C. area for over 30 years. His work as a solo guitarist, bandleader, composer and guitar instructor, songwriting coach and performance mentor covers a wide variety of genres, including classical, all forms of rock, blues, jazz, country, folk, “singer-songwriter” music and more. He currently carries between 15-25 regular weekly students, and is a guitar instructor at Sheridan School in Northwest D.C..

Jim’s teaching style is a hybrid of traditional method (sight-reading, music theory, classical technique, etc.), and a more modern “playing by ear” approach , with emphasis on syncopated rhythm and ear training. Beginners in popular styles learn to play exactly what they hear, through mimicking and sight-reading rhythm notation. Aspiring classical players can benefit from Jim’s working knowledge of all aspects of classical guitar playing. Intermediate to advanced players in other styles can elevate their playing level quickly and thoroughly thanks to Jim’s many years of playing lead, rhythm, slide, fingerstyle and all forms of ensemble playing. Learn Improvisation, voice leading, modal playing, chord comping, and much more!

* Decades of Teaching Experience

* Patient, personalized approach

* Spacious, fully equipped studio in NW Washington, D.C.

* OR- I come to you (distance and schedule permitting)


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