57. Scales and Chords–Links



Since there are so many chord and scale sites, I have not listed chords or scales here at greenfieldguitar. If you are a more experienced player you either have good working knowledge of most chords and scales you use, or good reference material, or both. If you are not quite there and want to look up chords and scales, here are 2 sites that I have used.

For chords:


I have not seen a chord site with “all” chords, but there are plenty here. Fingering is not shown, but it does show several different voicings for most chords, which is nice. For any chords that are not listed in a chord site, I suggest type-searching the chord individually.


For scales:


I like scale sites that show individual scales, rather than a complete chord grid of the entire neck, which can make it tough to pick out positions. This site does that. Again, no fingering, but there is a play feature allowing each voicing to be heard.

These are not necessarily the most comprehensive sites, but they have most of what one needs. Some of the more “complete” sites have an exhaustive amount of information in a format that can be hard to decipher for an intermediate player. Quality of reference is very arbitrary past a certain point, and I encourage you to use whatever works best for your needs.

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