This section addresses some of the techniques and guitaring aspects that I have experienced, both as a player and teacher. It is by no means comprehensive. If you are are already a skilled player, these topics may be quite familiar to you, and may not strike you as “advanced” at all.  Others may be completely unfamiliar with much of the information.  There are more aspects to good guitar playing and musicianship than I could ever detail here. However, I have tried to cover at least some of the more frequently encountered challenges, while trying to keep the musical contexts somewhat basic. I am committed to adding and updating this section regularly. In addition, as with everything at, I welcome any and all questions and comments .


The topics are not in any particular order, but I have tried to title them as descriptively as possible.


1 .       Scales Are Your Friends

1a.     How To Practice Scales

2.       Using Open Position Scale Tones

3.       Introduction To Modes

4.       Introduction To Triads

5.        Sixths

6.        Thirds

7.       Fourths

8.        Octaves

9.        Fifths

10.     Slurs-Hammers and Pulls

11.      Bends

12.     Scale Tones And Open Strings

13.     Strumming Symmetry

14.     About Songbooks and Internet “Tabs”

15.     The 98% Rule

16.     Barre Chords

17.     What’s in Here?

18.     Triad Types

19.     Major And Minor Chord Construction

19a.   Chord Construction Examples

20.     Counting Intervals

21.     Flatpick vs. Fingers

22.    Muting

23.    Learning The Fretboard

24.    Using An Electronic Tuner

25.  Get Many Chords For the Price Of One!

26.    Velocity And Tempo

27.    Grooving 16ths

28.    I-IV-V-  The Axis Of Tonal Music

29.    Cadences

30.    Modal Interchange

30a.  Modal Interchange Examples

31.     Syncopation Exercises

32.    Basic Left Hand Technique

32a. Basic Right Hand Technique

33.    Preparation—The Answer to (Almost) Everything

34.    Leading Notes w/Chords In Open Position

35.    Playing Covers

36.    Beginning Fingerstyle

37.   Slide Guitar

38.  Open Tunings

39.  The Circle of Fifths

40. Syncopation Defined

41.  Transposing

42.  Watch Out For These!

43.  2 Reasons To Target Just Behind the Next Highest Fret

44.  Uses Of The Capo

45.  Suspended Chords

46.  Fear Of The B Chord

47. Slash Chords And Inversions

48. Chords and Lines with Open Strings In Higher Positions

49.  Basic Diatonic Harmony

50.  Diatonic Harmony Review 1

51.  Diatonic Harmony Review 2

52.  The Value of Reading Rhythm

53.   Very Basic Theory

54. I-IV-V Examples

55.  Analysis

56. Simple And Compound Meter

57.  Scales and Chords—Links

58. Appendix—Glossary Of Terms

59. Original Study Pieces

60. Coming Soon in 2012!